About Us

The Global Vacation Rentals Industry is growing into a billion-dollar marketplace. In the shadow of all the hype and momentum that the sharing economy trends have attracted in recent years, there are significant business opportunities at the intersection of professionally managed vacation rentals and tourism professionals. Consolidation among property management groups has created a demand for more sophisticated technologies to support the distribution of an increasingly large and geographically dispersed portfolio of properties.

When the founders of VacAgent came together to find cost-effective distribution solutions, the Global Distribution System was created to solve the problem of the short-term rentals industry. The GDS gives property management companies access to the B2B market segment, while it's designed specifically for travel agencies, consolidating a large supply of short-term rental vendors, verifying and standardizing inventory, booking terms, and so on. VacAgent's Application Programming Interface enables easy integration with third-party reservation systems.

Eber Holding AB owns and operates VacAgent, a private company based in Malmo, Sweden.