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About Us

What is VacAgent?
VacAgent is an online marketplace for guest referrals, generating revenue and extending additional courtesy to guests. VacAgent provides vacation rentals a place to refer additional guests to, as well as fill rooms when necessary.

The incentive structure works like this: make additional revenue when referring a guest, and pay a small percentage to obtain guests from the marketplace. With lower rates than any other service, VacAgent offers a win-win situation for booking agents and vacation rentals.

Why VacAgent?
Like most businesses, demand within the hospitality industry can be unpredictable. When searching for a room, guests face a variety of limitations, from pricing and capacity to amenities and minimum stay requirements. As a result, if a host or property manager cannot meet these needs, they are forced to TurnAway guests.

In order to fill vacancies, vacation rentals pay high commissions to online booking agents. Currently, spending lots of money is the only way not to lose money on empty rooms.

But from a service standpoint, the existing model does not enable vacation rentals the flexibility to cater to current and potential customers.

VacAgent Ltd. is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales. CRN 10653250.