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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a TurnAway?
    A TurnAway is a rejection made by a host/property manager to a guest inquiring about a reservation. TurnAway occur online, by phone and email. Hosts often refer guests, who they don’t have a room for, to a different accommodation. VacAgent enables these hosts to extend their courtesy and generate income from these referrals.
  • Why should I use VacAgent?
    As a seller VacAgent is a new revenue stream that allows your vacation rental to generate additional revenue even when your are unable to approve a guest's reservation.

    As a buyer VacAgent presents your business with a new marketing channel, allowing you to fill your empty rooms with real-time referrals that are searching for an accommodation like yours.
  • Do I need to have the guest’s approval in order to publish a referral?
    Yes. You may only publish a referral if you have obtained the consent of the prospective guest to do so. Otherwise you cannot publish the referral on VacAgent. Read our Terms of Use for more information.
  • How do I buy a referral?
    You can browse all available referrals on our marketplace. To buy a referral you need to click it and press the “Get It Now” button. Once you confirm, you will receive the client contact details and be able to contact and offer a stay at your accommodation.

    You must be a registered user to buy referrals. If you haven't registered yet, click here.
  • How many accommodations can buy the same referral?
    Referrals can not be bought by more than one accommodation. Once you buy a referral, it’s exclusively yours and it's instantly removed from the marketplace.

    If you chose to return the referral, it will be available for purchase by other accommodations.
  • What if I can not reach the guest from the referral I just bought?
    If you are unable to contact the guest you can return the referral to the marketplace and avoid payment.
  • When can I return a referral?
    There are different reasons for returning a referral:
    - You are unable to reach the guest
    - The guest refused your offer
    - The guest already found an alternative
    - Other

    You can always return referrals but you must do so in a timely manner you state the return reason. To read more about our return policy, visit our billing page.
  • What if I do not want to sell any referrals, but only buy them?
    Each participant is free to choose how to use VacAgent.
    We recommend to sell when you are fully booked and buy when you're looking to increase your occupancy.
  • What is the timeframe for returning referrals?
    For each purchased referral you have a specified timeframe during which you can return it.
    All referrals that were not returned during this timeframe will be assumed as confirmed reservations.
    Most referrals have a 72 hour return timeframe. Last minute referrals (arriving within the next 72 hours) have a 4 hour timeframe.
  • When do I get a partial refund?
    The commission you pay for the referral is refundable until the check-in date. The flat fee is only refundable within the return timeframe. VacAgent notifies you about time period for a refundbale flat fee once you buy the referral. You can also keep track via your account area via the "Bought" referrals list.
  • How much do I earn for selling a referral?
    If you sell a referral via VacAgent and the reservation is confirmed, you will be credited a 4% commission of the reservation price.
  • How much do I pay for a referral?
    You will be charged a commission in the amount of 5% of the reservation price + a flat fee of 2 EUR. VacAgent only charges for confirmed reservations.
  • How do you calculate the referral price?
    The referral price is 5% from the estimated booking price. In case a confirmed reservation price has changed, please tell us and we'll make sure to update your balance.
  • Do you require access to my management systems?
    No. VacAgent does not require access to your inventory or your management systems, so no one has access to your personal property data.
  • Who can use VacAgent?
    Any type of accommodation can use VacAgent. Once your property is registered, VacAgent will monitor your application and contact you before it is approved.

    VacAgent makes sure that as a participant you provide with relevant information maximizing your revenue potential.
  • Who can buy my referrals?
    VacAgent uses automated filters to sort and match comparable accommodations.

    Only comparable accommodations that have a similar price range, category and location will be able to buy your referrals. You can also build your own private comparable list and have complete control on who is allowed to buy your referral